Cat Tale Therapy

Cat Tale Therapy

If you're looking to learn about hyperthyroid cats or just like reading about cats, this site is for you. Disclaimer: I'm not a vet, and this is not formal medical advice.

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As it happens, I have never become independently wealthy, but at the moment, I'm kuha to 15 fur-kin ranging in age (as of this writing)from about 3 to about 13. If you like the stories or find the information useful, a donation to keep the cats fed so I can keep writing would be good all around and much appreciated.

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Please take time to stroll through the site. Sorry we can't offer you a cup of coffee or tea while you're looking, but maybe you can take care of that yourself. Just don't spill it on the keyboard. Please, no spit takes if one of my puns hits the spot, and no blaming the cat. (Of course, I want to hear about it if it happens.)

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